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Arthritis is joint inflammation. It can occur in all joints of
the body, including the spine. Among the causes of arthritis
are injury, infection, congenital weakness, and deterioration
due to the aging process. Signs of arthritis are lameness,
stiffness after resting, joint tenderness, and crepitation (a
"grating" sensation when moving an affected joint).

Arthritis due to injury or infection can cause swelling and
redness of the skin over the joint. Your pet may have a fever
and refuse to eat. Treatment ranges from rest and pain
relieving medications to joint surgery. Our goal in the
management of the arthritic patient is to restore as much
normal function as possible, and minimize the discomfort
associated with this incurable condition. Please follow our
advice for your pet's well being.

  • Thursday, 22 May 2014


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