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Skin Disease

The primary symptoms of skin disease are a combination of hair loss, sores and
very likely moderate to intense itching. Skin problems are the most common
medical disorder that we see in our pets. Some are truly skin disease while others
are merely symptoms of some underlying internal disorder.

Real skin disease:

1. Mange - insects living in the skin
2. Infection - bacteria or fungus problem
3. Chemical irritation
4. Sunburn
5. Cancer
6. Flea bites

However, as mentioned above, not all skin disorders are primary skin problems.
Many are external manifestations of deep-seated internal problems:


1. Hereditary factors - the pet was born with it
2. Metabolic Upsets - internal organ function problem
3. Cancer - having spread from another location
4. Hormonal Imbalances
5. Allergies - dogs/cats show hair loss, sores, itching

As you can see, skin problems with our pets can be a complex issue. The doctor
may need to recommend certain laboratory tests for a correct diagnosis:

1. Blood tests ------- to reveal internal organ or glandular function
2. Urine analysis -- if a kidney disorder is a possible cause
3. Skin Scraping -- to look for microscopic mange mites
4. Skin Cultures --- if infection or ringworm is suspected
5. Biopsy -------------- to submit to a pathologist for a second opinion
6. Allergy Testing - replaces the old "patch testing" of the skin and
allows for accurate assessment of many allergic factors.

We will evaluate your pet's symptoms along with help from the information that you
provide. If tests are performed they serve as "pieces to complete the puzzle". The
treatment must be as specific as possible to solve your pet's problem as quickly as

  • Thursday, 22 May 2014


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