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We offer the finest services in Pet care, including:

Comphrehensive Physical Examination

At The Animal Hospital we believe that the Comphrehensive Physical Exam is the foundation of your pets’ long term health. Your veterinarian is the only person in your four footed loved one’s life that is specifically trained with the expertise to detect problems before they become overwhelming. Our focus on preventative maintenance allows us to show how you can best care for your pet, to avoid the unexpected surprise and sometimes costly measures that are needed when health problems become serious. A thorough comphrehensive physical examination at least annually is the most important step in tracking and maintaining health. Since pets age faster than humans, changes occur at a much more rapid pace and we can help you recognize, monitor and intervene early, before they become catastrophic or too costly to correct.

Vaccinations and Preventative Medicine

Pets today are living longer and healthier lives in part due to major advances in vaccine innovation that protect them from deadly infectious diseases. Over the years vaccines have saved millions of pets from dangerous and debilitating diseases. The sad fact however is that many diseases still pose a threat to those that are unprotected. Newly emerging diseases such as Lyme are on the rise in our area and Feline Leukemia still lurks in the shadows to afflict those that have become complacent or fearful of proper vaccination. Your veterinarian is still the best source of information about which vaccines will keep your pet healthy over time. Many factors will help us decide which vaccines are best for your pets needs. Most importantly, our primary goal at The Animal Hospital is to protect the health of your pet and we are dedicated to the proven benefits of the 3 year distemper program and the use of non-adjuvanted vaccines to maximize protection while minimizing the potential for adverse reactions. Ask our staff today how to adopt this strategic program into your pets healthcare.


Parasite Prevention and Control

One of the biggest threat to your pets’ health is exposure to parasites. Although there was a time when fleas, ticks and worms were just considered a nuisance, we are just now learning through extensive research about some of the damaging diseases parasites can transmit to both humans and their pets. Ticks can harbor bacteria that cause Lyme disease and fleas can transmit tapeworms and Bartonella in cats that is the leading cause of “cat-scratch” disease in humans. Another microscopic organism transmitted from mosquito bites can form worms that grow in your pets lungs and heart. Most of the parasites affecting pets are microscopic and detectable before they cause symptoms. It is absolutely crucial to test your pet regularly and do what you can to protect your children and your pets from parasites. Our educated staff can recommend a comprehensive program of testing and preventative measures that you can easily use at home.


DentaldogDental Care

Regular professional dental care is important to maintaining your pet’s health. We use the most modern and safe ultrasonic scaler to clean each tooth thoroughly – above and below the gum line. Then we polish the teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup in the future. Fluoride treatments help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity. Proper dental care can prevent bad breath and periodontal infection from spreading throughout the bloodstream to damage your pet’s major organs. Ask us to evaluate your pets’ dental health.

Nutritional Counseling

One of the greatest advances in pet health has come in the way of nutritional research. Many common health problems which were previously difficult to manage and potentially life threatening are now treatable through specially formulated foods. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism and urinary tract stone formation can often be controlled through diet alone. These measures tend to be easier and more cost effective than most other options. The Animal Hospital offers these and other nutritional services to optimize your pets’ health and prevent disease in the future. Choosing the proper nutrition in each stage in your pets’ life is key to good health.

Behavior Counseling

Your pets’ behavior ultimately defines the relationship you will have on a daily basis. At The Animal Hospital, our goal is to make your pet the best he or she can be and we understand that your pets’ behavior will greatly affect both their and your quality of life. Many behavior problems can be prevented through training and modification plans. Our goal is to avoid the frustration that can result from common behavior problems such as fear, separation anxiety and inappropriate elimination which often lead to devastating consequences. A well-adjusted pet and their family will lead a happier healthier life! Scheduling an evaluation with a professional skilled in managing behavior problems is the first step in resolving the situation and strengthening the bond with your companion.

Senior Care and Screening

In recent years, great strides have been made in recognizing the special needs and requirements of our “senior citizen” dogs and cats. Our veterinarians are well equipped with the knowledge and diagnostic tools to identify age related problems and formulate realistic strategies to allow our pets to live longer and healthier lives. If your dog is seven to nine years of age or older (depending on breed) or your cat is ten years of age or older, it is now in its geriatric years. We will be happy to discuss with you our recommendations for care and nutrition. Often the most simple solution to address the pain of arthritis, difficulty maintaining ideal weight and incontinence can slow the progression of these common ailments. Call The Animal Hospital today to see if your pet could benefit from such screening.



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